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Rewick: In addition to this time, Smith has no act

In Baltimore Crow and wholesale New England Patriots jerseys for sale wholesale New England Patriots jerseys free shipping Patriot, Steve Smith and Darrelle Revis have attracted a lot of attention. In the first half of the game, Smith took advantage of the wind, but Rewick believes that in the replacement, Smith is not active.

Rewick said: “He completed the time earlier in the game, but he was & lsquo; removing the game & rsquo;” Rewick’s speech may not be correct. In the game, Smith completed 3 balls under the stare of Rewick, and the 44-yard is accompanied by 1 time. In addition, Smith also manufactured a foul in Renis. The first half of the first half, Levis’s interference is divided into the crow, and finally completed the remedy. The second occasion occurs in Section III, Red Silans are fouled, which makes the wholesale New England Patriots jerseys free shipping who have already retained the ball can only re-return the offensive opportunity to the opponent.

For the interference, Rewick also has its own point of view: “I don’t agree with the punishment, my movement is no problem. The referee bottlefire, I can’t force it, but I still stick to my point of view.” After the game, Smith praised the performance of Rewis and called the two people as “the battle between the old soldiers.” After defeating the crow, Rewick’s next opponent will be Demaryius Thomas or T.y. Hilton.


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